Selling Strategy Guide

Your Property Marketing Plan

Right now, my team and I will be using the information you provided to create the perfect marketing program for you and your property. Of course, not all marketing plans are one-size-fits-all, which is why serveral people in my team are putting this all together. Why hire one person when you can hire a TEAM?

We'll be reaching out to you in the next 24 hours in order to get a bit more information about what your needs are. Just a name and address isn't enough to tell your story, so we need to know more about you and your needs.

That's right! Without you, none of this works! When selling a home, the most important people is the family selling it, and the entire marketing plan is to make sure that it works perfectly well for you!

We'll be reaching out to you as soon as we get a few pre-marketing planning done, as well as get the flyer and social media posts going. We'll also be reaching out to our photographers and videographers to be ready to come over and get this all done as soon as possible!

The best part of all this? There is NO OBLIGATION and NO UPFRONT COSTS to you! In the mean time, we'll be getting all of this together and get this ball rolling!

We can't wait to meet you soon!